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The world of dog training is constantly evolving, innovating, and progressing forward. And as so, it is our responsibility, our duty, as trainers to constantly push the boundaries of what is and can be in this amazing world we are fortunate to exist in. 

 Based in Tenino Washington the Innovative Sport Dog Community (ISDC)embodies this philosophy, this lifestyle

It is our mission and desire to share with the world the most innovative and Scientifically Progressive Information and Education relative to understanding and working with our dogs. 

 As part of our vision and commitment to this progress, we are continuously improving and expanding our operation in Dog Training and Canine Behavioral  Education. The vision of Community, Innovation, Commitment, Sophistication and future focus has allowed us to move forward with the same convictions and dedications to our science and art, as we did before but on a greater scale. 

 We proudly announce this evolution, with the ISDC, a community dedicated to bringing the Highest Standard of Canine Training, Thought, Innovation, and Commitment to the world of dog training. Our Training Centrum is located in Tenino Washington.


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