Testimonial and Reviews

Eugena H.


I absolutely loved my experience at ISDC everyone was so friendly and welcoming I had done extensive research and looked into several other dog trainers but never found one that Felt like the right fit for me and my dog I went into our first session with low expectations because I was so used to everybody judging and misunderstanding my dog but I was totally amazed Bart really understood my dog and I absolutely loved his methods and the results that I got when I used them and how they are individually tailored to fit each individual dog and handlers needs this is the only place any of my dogs will ever go to for training.

chay m.


I have been involved in dog sport and police k9 development since 1992.I have trained with world team competitors, and helped develop top world competition dogs I have never trained with any trainer as ISDC, with as much compassion or understanding of the development of a k9. 100 % no gimmics, no prong collars.no electricity. 100 percent a positive ,high energy, supercharged training sessions I experienced. There is no other trainer I could, or would recommend.My dogs and I thank you..

katy g.


There isn’t enough space here to describe how exceptional Bart is, as a human being and as a compassionate, world class trainer. Unsurprisingly, working with Bart and our dogs has also translated into valuable learning experiences for my entire family, including our three children. I was referred to Bart by another trainer who didn’t have the level of experience and skill that Bart has - and she was honest enough to tell me that what I was looking for was beyond her abilities. She said there was one trainer she trusted completely: Bart De Gols. Bart spent about two hours with me on the phone during our initial conversation. How often does that ever happen?! With Bart, all the time. I’m a filmmaker and photographer with three young children. My professional work environment is varied, often dangerous and unpredictable, and my home environment is equally chaotic and unpredictable (kids!) So I presented Bart with an impossible wish list: I was looking for a balanced, highly focused protection GSD who could work with me in every imaginable environment, ranging from drug and crime infested neighborhoods to remote desert towns to busy state fairs and everything in between. This dog also needed to be able to transition to home life with three kids and lots of friends coming and going. Oh, this dog also needed to be dog, cat and horse friendly! Bart found Heky, my perfect dog, and trained him so beautifully that my husband actually wanted to buy a second dog. (My husband, who insisted for years that he “wasn’t a dog person,” wanted a GSD for himself.) Bart found Ezro, trained him with the same wish list, and today Ezro is my husband’s right hand man, a daily presence in his busy production studio and beloved by clients and over 100 employees. Today, Bart and his amazing wife, Amy, are close family friends. We live 15 hours away but visit them often and Bart still watches the boys, and fine tunes training when we’re out of town for extended periods. We love our dogs so much, and we’re forever grateful to Bart for being the world’s greatest K-9 match maker and one hell of a trainer who is in a class by himself.

keving c.

If I had to describe this business in one word, it would be amazing. Bart de Gols is an incredible teacher with an innate ability to tailor his abilities to you and your dog specifically. Not some general, cookie cutter program in the least. Which is great because much like humans, not all dogs are created equal. Bart is extremely friendly and always has both the dog and handlers best interest at heart. He will provide everything in his power to make sure you and your pooch both reach your goals. You will not find anyone more knowledgeable or passionate in working with dogs. Highly recommended.

I have trained with Dr. Bart de Gols for nearly 5 years. Fantastic, customized work for humans and dogs - no 2 lessons are ever the same. You will learn how to LEARN and in the process reach new levels of communication and relationship with your dog and all other beings around you! Be prepared to work hard and commit to the complete process. Your reward will directly correlate to your effort. It's the single most honest program out there!

thalia o.